Back to Back Yanks games to watch Arod NOT hit his 600th homerun

okay Alex, you’re such a tease! we went to back to back Yankees games Monday & Tuesday, making our way up to the stadium, making our bodies eat hot dogs and drink beers, and not get sleep. Making me hold my camera up at every at bat, filming you striking out over and over again. I even stood the entire Monday night game b/c we didn’t have seats. We stood out in the bleachers for all 4 hours… then went back Tuesday. And do you know what that asshole did? He just hit his 600th home run today! Wednesday August 4th, during his first freaking at bat of a DAY GAME!!! Really Alex? Really? Not only while I am not there, but while I am at work? This can’t be taken lightly it needs to be settled in the ring. So Arod, you & me, tonight… i’ll see you in the parking lot!

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  1. Annette says:

    You have way to much time on your hands!

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