There are 3 groups of people that do yoga

Group 1: women, Group 2: gays and Group 3: perverts.  HA! straight from the horses mouth, that was the ending topic of dinner tonight, and as my boss sat down (who happened to miss the categories being laid out) we asked “so… do you do yoga” which he replied “I’ve tried it” and his wife yells out across the table “to check out the chicks” — we immediately put him into Group 3.

all in all it was an interesting day at the club. For those of you who haven’t been to the Stanwich Country Club, it’s beautiful. However it’s an old gentleman’s club to say the least.  Tennis requires “all whites”, ladies knees must be covered to golf along w/ collared shirts.. but at the pool, where I spent my lovely afternoon today the passion fruit smoothies are amazing. All in all, I have determined that I am a public pool/BYOB girl. And speaking of pools, another thing I learned today is there are nude pools in NYC… and if that got you excited, they are men only lol – less excited now huh boys? Indeed in the midtown 50’s you can find these interesting spots. Maybe in this economy men aren’t paying for trunks. Bdub definitely is in that category – he refuses to wear a suit in which case I tell him “babe, you can see your … you know” lol. & speaking of the crappy economy, our other entertainment for the evening was a top 10 list for how you know the economy is bad…. I can’t remember them all but here are a few ~

** At McDonalds they are now offering the Quarter Ounce

** My check got bounced at the bank for insufficient funds. I went back and I asked them “do i have insufficient funds or do you?”

** I ordered a Big Mac at McDonalds and the cashier asked me if i could afford fries w/ that

** the dry cleaners are turning away investment bankers for bringing in 5 shirts at once

** bankers are leaving their country clubs to play minature golf

*** Motel 6 will not longer “leave the light on for you”

and the quote of the day, from a Harvard business school graduate in the back of an LAPD car on sunset blvd…

Officer: “why do you have Boston plates?”

“I went to school at Harvard”

Officer “your keychain says Yale”

“That’s where I went for undergrad Bitch!”

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