Triceratops never existed… WTF are you kidding me?

So I just read in a Huffington Post article that the Tricertops apparently never existed. It was just a “baby” dinosaur of some other breed. Are you F’ing kidding me? I have seen the Land Before Time, and Cera DEFINITELY existed! She was selfish and a bit abrasive but she was most certainly a Three Horn. How are you going to tell me she didnt’ exist now? Is Disney going to recall the movie? remake it even (side note: I’d totally go see that in the theater if they did.. go for it Disney)… I mean honestly first you take away Pluto and now Cera! How are kids supposed to learn their planets now? “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine ____??” 9 nothings! b/c there is no PLUTO! this is very upsetting to me that “the man” is attempting to steal my childhood. What’s next? Red isn’t a color? (right Porter?) Slap bracelets weren’t popular in the 80s? Totally bogus.

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