Who am I kidding… I only lasted 1/2 a day

it’s true. my weakness for technology overpowered me quickly. i couldn’t do it! I don’t understand how they lived in an age w/o all of this fun stuff we have. But i guess you can’t try to  imagine your life w/o something once you have already have it. I mean i can’t imagine living without ice cream. but maybe if you had never had ice cream before, you wouldn’t know what you were missing. I have officially determined that it is NOT better to have eaten ice cream and lost, than never to have had ice cream at all ~ I’d rather never know it was so delicious. So technology you’re here to stay with this girl. I just love you too much.

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  1. MOM says:

    I think we have to take you on a weekend of camping, deep in the woods where there is no electricty no phone service no internet……just the lovely wilderness. You can wash in the river with a bar of soap…….LOL that would be a greta adventure sitting back and watching you lose your mind HAHAHA. You would be like a crack whore with no crack LMFAO

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