More like Craptivia. Really, who thought of these commercials? Jamie Lee Curtis’ career has come down to this: a poop commercial. & I only know one person who eats the stuff but she swears it “saved her life” ~ I have one response to that…. EW. It’s high fiber yogurt that makes you poop. I’d be embarrassed to buy it at the store, or walk around eating it. & now all I can ever picture in my head is someone in the bathroom singing “ACTIVIAAAAAAA” as they triumphantly “release” their bowels. Sorry, but this is the God’s honest truth. & I can’t shake it. Trust me I have tried. & thank God they make sure to reiterate in every commercial just how GREAT it tastes, b/c Heaven forbid the exlax tastes terrible. I don’t care how great it tastes if I had to run to the bathroom in 30 seconds, I don’t want it. & the Activia Challenge, lets talk about that… who do you call after 14 days if you aren’t “regular”? Who’s job is that? to take in all the calls from people who are constipated? The entire company sort of weirds me out. “umm Hi, it’s been 14 days and I still can’t crap, can I get my $5 back?” – I guess I’ll never know what it’s like. I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve never had a need for this stuff.. Mr. Toffuti knows what I’m saying haha

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