it isn’t ALL fun & games

sometimes you just have to realize that not everyone likes you. not everyone will want to be your friend. and you just have to accept it. because when you don’t accept it, that’s when you’ll start to lose your mind. b/c you’ll ask yourself why. and then you’ll question yourself. and then you’ll try to over compensate, which will in effect only make that person not like you more. its a vicious cycle. and i’m not good at it.  i’ve been told i try too hard, maybe i do, but honestly what’s wrong with being overly nice to people and wanting to make more friends? how is that a fault? sometimes i think i am just not meant to be living here. i see things in my head so very differently than most of the people i am surrounded with. but home is where the heart is and my heart lies here. with Brian. so i’m working on it. go easy on me.

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