Bikers in NYC have a death wish

Not sure if you bikers have noticed but there are things such as street signs and lights and pedestrians and cars out there. I know you think that b/c you’re on a mini 2-wheeled apparatus that you can dart through cars and through lights and around people but you know what happens to you when you do that…. THIS:

and why? b/c you’re MORONS!! First things first, yellow ones.. they don’t stop. Why try to compete w/ that crazy Halal eating taxi driver who has had one too many coffees today a bad attitude and a pack of cigarettes? He will win.  and if one more biker runs a red light and almost hits me i’m going to clothlesline you. i dont care if it breaks every bone in my arm, you need to learn a lesson. they really think that they don’t have to obey the traffic rules. and DELIVERY BOYS! don’t get me started.  stay off the sidewalks! and i dont give a damn about your $2 tip that you’re pedaling too, you are a hazard to yourself and to me. getting around in this city is dangerous. it’s like a live game of frogger. I will get into this further at a later time, but FOR NOW, bikers… stay out of mine and everyone else’s way!

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