I Corinthians 12:13

Sunday we had the Christening for little Caitlyn Elizabeth Collett. It was at Our Lady of Mount Carmel up in Orange County near their house. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with family & friends and afterward we all celebrated at a BBQ. Cait fell asleep during the middle of ceremony which was hilarious & at the same time so perfect. I couldn’t help but just look at her and think of how innocent and how perfect she was. A baby has no reservations, nothing to hold them back. They want for nothing & we shower over them because of this. I know I am being a “mush” as Brian calls me, but there really is nothing sweeter. & as Col & Sean passed her over to be baptized and she was still half asleep, she was completely surrendered to the moment – to God, if you want… to the church, to her parents. & it’s probably the only time in her life when she will be completely submissive and surrender, b/c she knows nothing else. Her trust is complete. It’s hard for me not to look at my own life and realize that I have strayed so far from where I began. When i surrendered, to my faith, to my family, to myself… and was just at peace. I guess sometimes it takes a reminder. A symbol of immersion. to simply re-open my eyes to the fact that I am but one small part of a whole. of a much bigger picture. and that there are greater things out there than myself. those who are humbled, shall be exalted. i hope that i can hang onto this feeling

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