My “forest husband”

There are 2 movies I’ve watched in the past week that have reminded just how resilient people are. I forget sometimes how easily we bounce back from adversity.  And by easily, I mean in contrast to the situation.

The first movie was Eat, Pray, Love. Now I haven’t read the book, although it’s on my “to-do” list but I think the part of the movie that stuck with me the most is when the main character is talking about a psychologist who was just asked to fly out and talk with Cambodian refugees. She references that they have been through the worst that a human can possible endure and she isn’t sure how she will be able to relate to them or help them, but when she gets there, all they want to talk about is relationships and lost love. This “emotional landscape” is what makes us human. Even when suffering genocide and starvation, love got them through it. It gave them something to distract them, something to hope for. & as cheesy as that sounds it has been apparent for ages; another example being in the movie Defiance. It is a movie about the Jews escaping persecution and death camps to live out in the forest and rebuild their lives. Their goal was to survive, and they were hunted every day, yet in the movie they found “forest husbands” and wives. They started over and at the core of every civilization and every rebuilding, there is family and there is love. I found this inspiring and incredible how resilient people are. We can withstand a lot more than we think and the driving force in many instances comes down simply to love. To be loved, to give love, to find love. & we all already know that I am true sap but I have also come to realize that we’re all big saps. The whole lot of us! & that we’re all searching for the same basic needs. It really makes you appreciate just how human we all are, no matter how different.  Sitting on the couch last night with my “forest husband” I couldn’t help but think about how amazing he is, and how lucky I am.  Because no matter what happens to me or where my life turns, as long as I have him “everything else is somehow manageable”

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