Okay I get the whole new age “rock the vote” phenomena to encourage the overly hyper and under intelligent youth in America to get out there and punch in their votes b/c it’s so super cool to vote… wait, no i don’t. i think instead of getting a sticker with P.Diddy on it and letting everyone know you rocked out on election day, there should be an entry level exam to vote. you should have to have a certain IQ level. you should have to know the difference between “the” and “duh”. Most of America knows little to nothing about what they are even voting for & I really don’t understand the whole “I VOTED TODAY!” give me a pat on the back or a sticker. I voted, like I always do, but I didn’t come out of the box high fiving every maniac in site and start popping champagne bottles. now i know i am being a little facetious but really. Vote or don’t vote. But if you DO vote, know what you’re voting for, read a book, read a newspaper, otherwise I hope you don’t “rock the vote” – I’d much rather you play rock band and stay out of it

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