Hi, my name is Katie Kokkinos. i am Greek. i sometimes smell like a greek. i love to wear clogs and i love backpacks. i think they are really stylish and i am a trend setter. i also love to eat. anything and everything in sight. and if there are no utensils, PSH, that doesn’t stop me! i’m often the person who doesn’t catch on until the end of the joke, but that’s okay, i come up with some reason for why. i also have LOADS of street smarts! When i stop to talk to homeless guys on the street, whenever they try to shake my hand i tell them i have a cold! i mean homeless people are people too, i don’t want to be rude. I was once in a very awkward situation in Canada. instead of giving into the awkwardness i let the stripper take singles from my mouth with her ass crack. she liked me, she even said i could touch her beaver, but i refrained. thinking back on it… i was in a room all by myself with her…. it was a crazy night. Mr. Purp was my best friend, but then he died. i am not sure i can ever replace him, but sometimes in the night i make other concessions. i once burned my hand in the bottom of a fondue pot b/c i really wanted that last ounce of chocolate at the bottom. oh wait that was porter. i forgot which one was mine b/c i had 4 pots in front of me. i know the name of a really great spa that does fantastic waxing. just ask me! they even use comfy blankets for you to lay on! i’m usually up for anything but there are few questions i just still wonder about. like what do water heaters and vaginas have in common? or where is Michael Jackson really hiding? I am madly in love with 2 (maybe 3 now) people, Gus & Chris. if it was socially acceptable to breed with animals, id choose either (or maybe both) of them. i’m a border line hippy. i just want to give the world a hug. often times i have no sensor on my mouth and lightbulb moments happen frequently. i am however hilarious and my friends all love me. so here’s to ME… you’re favorite Greek ~ now let’s have pizza & make babies!

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  1. Ashley Moser says:

    Ok, your brother and I thoroughly enjoyed this one lol!! she is my favorite:)

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