As Dorrie put it this just might BE one of the best restaurants in NYC. We took advantage of the lounge seating and extended happy hour (until 7:30pm) and feasted on the happy hour menu (with a few additions from the big boy menu as well). This gave us a chance to sample the eclectic Mediterranean/Lebanese fare & really try a lot of different things. They also give you a free glass of sangria when you check in Foursquare! Just an FYI for all your players out there, check in! This was our menu and starred are my favorites that i recommend if you go!  (Note: the Phoenician Fries stole the show!)


Mini Falafel fried chickpea & fava bean dumplings

Rkaykat Bil Jibneh cheese rolls with kashkaval, feta, fresh mint **

Mini Kibbeh Bi Laban beef dumplings, yogurt, kouzbaraaleppo pepper

Phoenician Fries sumac, parsley, garlic whip **

Brussel Sprouts grapes, fig puree, walnuts, mint yogurt **

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