“I’m bringing soap to your shower”

set’s just say Churchill Downs had a run for it’s money this year! saturday, my Kentucky derby themed bridal shower was TRULY amazing! walking into the room and seing all those hats and colors and frilly bows, well everybody knows that i got tingly with excitement 🙂 and it wasn’t just the mint julep they had waiting for me or the bourbon balls or roses, it was having that many people in one room that care so much about me. talk about overwhelming! colleen even forced me to relax and enjoy the surprises of the day – which were wonderful. i know i am sometimes (okay always) an utter control freak but i can honestly say that i couldn’t have planned the day better myself.  thank you everyone who was able to make it thank you to my bridesmaids for the BEST DAY & BEST GIFT ever! btw they got bri & i a vintage taxi for our send off on the big day! love love love it! & thank you to my wonderful grandmother, mother and mother-to-be!

we are so blessed.

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