Hurricane: 1 part white rum, 1 part dark rum & a splash of grenadine

It’s true that this town knows how to party ha – when out shopping for hurricane supplies today i couldn’t help but observe other carts pushing past me. they were mostly filled with beer, chips, wine and chocolate. the essentials. and a few had some bottles of water thrown in the mix. it’s like New Years Eve around here, everyone gearing up for a most likely 3 day weekend to be spent indoors avoiding the rain and flooding.  the stores and bodegas must be in retail heaven right now. i am most curious however if in 9 months from now will we experience a baby boom? i mean lets be honest, with 8 million people boarded up in their apartments for days on end with no electricity and stocked up on beer/wine, what else are they going to do lol – i’m predicting some unplanned pregnancies, some serious domestic fights and probably dogs peeing on a lot of carpets. should be a good show – bring it Irene!

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