Yael Naim @ City Winery

girls night was pretty incredible tonight. we started the evening at Lupes, an East LA Mexican Kitchen in Soho. The food was fairly good, the red sauce was not quite as spicy as I was looking for but the prices were reasonable  & the salsa was delicious. Overall though I loved the place – the setting reminded me of a diner out of a 1950’s movie and it was comfy inside. A nice way to view the snow and escape the cold of the day. I really can’t believe the weather outside. Snow in October! this hasn’t happened since 1952 & i might be the only person in NY that is thrilled to death about it. i love snow. i love everything about it. i love it when it falls on my face and when it lightly covers the streets and i love to see snow on people’s wool clad shoulders – their coats and strains of hair with little flakes of white. i think it’s wonderful. everyone is upset about this halloween snow but it combines two things that i truly adore, SNOW & HALLOWEEN. Odd things to love I know. But I love Halloween b/c i met Brian on Halloween, and it reminds me of how grateful I am to have found a man who lets me be myself: silly! 5 years ago, Halloween weekend, I met the man I’m marrying in 2 weeks. So Halloween always has a special place in my heart too. After dinner, we had tickets to see Yael Naim at the City Winery. I only really knew her song “new soul” before going to the event tonight but after this i am a Yael Naim fan to say the least. She was endearing, and funny and her voice is incredibly unique. It made me wish I was in Paris in the rain (elude here to Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris….) and the wine was a great addition to the night as well. We had the Torre di Giano LUnGarotti 2009 to start which Kristen described as “grassy with a kick” – it was my favorite of the evening. A glass of wine, good company, some amazing music and snow falling outside the windows = a perfect night!!!!


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