Wedding Beer

So last night we got one of the greatest wedding gifts ever!! Delia made us our own beer, with our own bottles & labels. It’s awesome. Seriously touched by how thoughtful he is and the beer actually tastes great too! He’s been at it for a while testing different combinations until he brewed the perfect batch: a Cherry Vanilla Vodka IPA. Yes you read correctly! He soaked the vanilla beans in vodka during the process. It has a distinctive but amazing flavor. We really have the greatest and most creative/thoughtful/fantastic friends! it means more to us than anything the people who actually put time into things and are there for us and have been there for us through the years! We also received two personal gifts from Stacey that I wanted to share too! A serving tray & then she took one of our engagement photos & blew it up onto a canvas! It’s in our living room & i’m obsessed with it! Thank you to all of our friends & family who have already put so much thought and love into us this past year. We love you!

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