mooning my honey

our honeymoon was well…. AMAZING! we stayed at the Excellence Resort in Riviera Maya Mexico. It was by far the nicest place we have ever stayed. When we checked in we were a little nervous b/c they told us our room wasn’t ready – “not a good start” – but they said they were going to have to downgrade us for one night but then upgrade us for the rest of our stay – there wasn’t much we could do about it so we said okay & went about our business. it just so happens it was definitely worth it! the rest of our stay we were upgraded to a rooftop terrace. we had a 10 person hot tub and a bed up there on the ocean front deck and it was just breathtaking. our 3 hot tubs in one suite was completely unnecessary and completely awesome at the same time lol. & although we didnt do as much relaxing as we probably should have we definitely got plenty of activities in… we got couples massages, zip-lined through the jungle, ATV tour through the jungle, swam in the cenote, swam w/ the dolphins, drove speed boats through the jungle, then we went snorkeling (we saw stingrays), we took scuba lessons & went scuba diving off the reef. i was very proud of myself b/c i was apprehensive about few of those things lol – but i’m so glad we did everything that we did!

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