Christmas in New York

I am so glad & we are so very lucky that we get the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with both of our families. Brian had to work Christmas Eve this year but got out early & we were able to head upstate to his parents house. We were greeted by a Christmas Story, which is played on repeat every Christmas Eve & by Christmas Cait in her elmo pjs. She has warmed up to me a lot & i love being with her. we colored inside & outside of the lines this Christmas and she wouldn’t let me stop ha. she Also got 1 million dora toys. Matty is getting bigger by the day, he is such a meatball. It was a great time & I’m so blessed that i have two families now and one that is so close & supportive of BOTH of us. I miss mine every day but it is good to know that if i need someone they are only a car ride away.

I also went to Christmas Eve service this year at Christ Church (where Javier who married us is a pastor) & the message hit home more than ever. It started specifically about the Christmas tree and how it evolved. It was a pagan tradition that symbolized life in the midst of winter. I never knew that & found it beautiful. The pastor began by saying we had all probably been decorating our Christmas trees & not quite sure why we did it… but that also the ornaments you accumulate throughout the years start to represent your life and your experiences. This is so true for us as we have started to build our own traditions and every time we unpack our ornaments we tell the story of where we got them or a memory is brought up that we might have forgotten otherwise. this is my favorite thing to do at Christmas time! & one that sadly i miss doing with my mom. I used to never want to decorate the tree when I was younger & she always got so excited about it – looking back it makes me sad i didn’t do it more… i guess they are right about kids & that you really don’t realize what you have until you start to grow up. Decorating the tree will always make me think about my mom… this relationship between building a life and collecting memories that you hang on a tree he correlated that the Christmas tree becomes a kind of  center to your life. and then that the center to everything is Jesus. Building your life around that tree helps to remind you that the life in the middle of winter is Jesus. the life in the middle of darkness and death. an ever lasting life. This year I will try to remember to let my line shine more & smoke less and just to simply be kind to people. Thank you Lord for leading me back & for making your message for my heart.

2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

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