fairy tales

you are my prince but not in the way i picture a fairy tale
you are tangible and real and you don’t ride horses
and i know knights don’t always wear shining armor
they drink in pubs and they lust over ladies
and their hearts aren’t exposed
like a woman’s is. on her sleeve
they don’t need to be reminded they are loved
they know.
i realize a king doesn’t rule a castle by emotions
& i understand a battle takes a man
it is what draws women to you and also what repels them
we need your strength
but we crave your vulnerability
we rely on your practicability
but we yearn for your spontaneity
we want both the sun and the moon
both sides
that only we get to see unveiled
it is what makes us love unabashedly
the glimpses of you that no one else gets to see
it is what holds together
princes and princesses
kings and queens
husbands and wives
a connection to one another that no one else has
a toothbrush packed in an over night bag
a single fleeting moment of heart ache.. in a good way
from a simple thing
that’s what you can do to us
make our heart jump from our chests
from elation
or from deflation
moods switched on and off like a light switch
we can’t help ourselves
we are impulsive
we let our emotions reflect back off your light… or your darkness
trying not to be a mirror but not able to control more
than what your actions allow us to feel
it is who we are
if you want to understand a woman
look at yourself
if you want to know what we think of fairy tales
this is it
that fairy tales aren’t real, but love can be
if you only try to understand

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