Catching up… Chloe + Isabel

the new year has been quite busy! i am sorry to myself that i have not written more the past few months. i have taken on a side job as a jewelry merchandiser for a company called chloe + isabel. the jewelry is amazing and hand crafted in NYC and it has given me a creative outlet that i am so grateful for! I have been selling and pinning and tumbling and polyvoring like a crazy person, but i enjoy it so much. You can check out the jewelry here: The spring line is about to come out & there are a few highlights below. It’s still very new & i am hoping to have 2-3 trunk shows per month. So far it’s been good friends, wine, brunches, cupcakes and jewelry. What girl doesn’t like that? ha!

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brian has been working, per usual and we make the best of what days we have together. i can honestly say marriage has been nothing but a blessing. as everyone says we’re still in the honeymoon stage but it feels like so much more than that. the transition from dating to engaged to married has been an incredible one. brian has only become a better man and he has been an incredible husband so far. when we were writing our thank you cards, i was touched to see that he had written “i am the luckiest guy in the world, i have a great family and a great wife” ~ and then about how he hopes he can measure up. in my eyes he always has and always will.


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