Happy Easter (chirp chirp)


Today I became a member of Christ Church here in Manhattan at a a wonderful sunrise service with with my husband. i am so thankful he was there beside me as he always is. i am the luckiest girl in the world surrounded by God’s love, and the love of my family and friends. i really couldn’t ask for much more in my marriage lately, he has gone leaps and bounds to make me happy, including eating girl scout cookies & drinking soda with me in bed at midnight on “it’s technically Easter right now right?” & of course it is also an amazing thing to have friends who you can totally be yourself with, ridiculously silly & all. the girls & i bought a groupon for a photoshoot w/ baby chicks for Easter & we had SO much fun… below are a few of my favorite shots!

after church we also were able to go up-state and have an Easter egg hung w/ Caitlyn & Matty. she sure was determined to find every single egg & didn’t even care what was inside, it was the hunt that counted. we had a great Easter w/ my family away from my family full of egg hunting, the Masters, Yanks baseball, eating candy & taking photos. Happy Easter everyone. Rejoice!!!

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