Date Night


Last night Brian & I shared one of our infamous date nights. Every month we switch off who plans a date for who and it is one of my favorite things to do. They say marriage can turn to monotony, we don’t believe it should. So last night Brian told me to make sure i was home on time after work & that we had a reservation! Of course i get excited for the little things! we drove by the water towards Long Island City, which if you haven’t been to LIC you need to make a trip out there. It’s a cute little neighborhood on the water with bars, restaurants, and high rise condo/apts with fantastic Manahttan views. it’s in our “places to consider” when our lease is up next year. we jotted down a ton of restaurants to try and then we saw it… a DOG RUN! we can’t wait to bring Gussy over to play.¬† he’s been packing on the pounds as of late and could really use the exercise + how cute are a million dogs fenced in playing together? lol ~ finally we made it to our destination though, the Waterfront Crab House! you may or may not know about my love affair with crab legs. i dream about them. brian however doesn’t like seafood at all, he can’t even stand the smell of it so this was a great surprise!!! the website & decor are a little dated but the seafood is fresh & the mudslides are strong hah. you’re greeted at the front door by a bathtub full of peanuts and quite possibly some lounge singers. BUT my king crab legs were awesome! and we opted for mudslides since they remind us of our honeymoon in Mexico. if you make your way to LIC to try it, we had the New England clam chowder, mozzarella sticks (Brian’s choice of course…), the king crab legs broiled & the pork chops w/ apple sauce. after dinner we headed over to 16 Handles that just opened up by our apartment, i have never been there and if you haven’t GO GO GO immediately! it’s self serve frozen yogurt Heaven with unlimited toppings. i was on sprinkle overload! and so was my stomach after all that cream + butter……. but the night ended with us catching up on the DVR (Law & Order SVU & Game of Thrones.. our shows we watch together) and i couldn’t have been happier. overall date night success. thanks you husband xo

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