New York, New York

6 years ago today Tracie Abbott & i packed up a truck and drove to NY to start my new life. the truck was a 10 footer, and i was SO nervous driving it. im a rear view mirror kinda girl and there is no rear view mirror. and you know when you’re driving under overpasses and it says the clearance levels haha, well every time we drove under one of those we just held our breath and prayed. BUT we made it, and only one close call and it didn’t happen until we got all the way to Jersey! the exit to get to Hoboken is the LAST exit before the Lincoln Tunnel… it is a tricky exit and we barely made it, hopping a curb in the process but if we had ended up in Manhattan with a 10 foot Uhaul… well think of the movie Clueless when they get on the highway except add angry cab drivers. but thankfully we made it to our destination, 1 shady motel and several waffle houses later. I moved into an apartment with Jackie, who at the time all i really knew was she was Bryant’s twin sister, she wore super high heels and she liked the 80’s. i was starting work on Monday, i didn’t know a soul in the city, and it was an uncertain future but it was exciting. i remember being scared shitless but at the same time feeling empowered & ready to  tackle this big city. thinking i could do anything on my own. but little did i know that i would be miserable before i would happy and that this place can beat you down as much as it can inspire you. it took many mistakes & overwhelming adaption to learn the inner workings of the city that never sleeps.  from learning the subways & the differences btw downtown and uptown – not giving every bum you see $1 b/c then you won’t have any $1s for yourself – is it Park Madison Lex, or Madison Lex Park? – always carry an umbrella – don’t stop on the sidewalks – always avoid time square –  if you think someone is doing something for your entertainment, expect for them to ask for compensation.. even Elmo in times square – shit gets weird down on Christopher street – you may get puked on at a NYU bar – taxi drivers will drive you in circles if you don’t act like you know where you are going – “the city” is manhattan – avoid the 4/5/6 train during rush hour – BUT like they say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere, and along with becoming a die hard Yankees fan, creating amazing friends who’ve became bridesmaids and meeting my husband, i feel like i have made it here. that i’ve made this place my home and i am happy to call it home. after the adapting comes the realization that this city is truly a playground offering something for everyone. i can no longer imagine my life any place else. so happy 6th year anniversary New York. Here is to a long and happy life together

Once you have lived in New York and it has become your home, no place else is good enough.— John Steinbeck

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  1. ashley says:

    lol this story is hilariously cute! But the best part is the picture of you two. This is definitely pre-NY !

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