Belmont Stakes


Jackie & I have been talking about going to the Belmont for YEARS but something always seems to come up… until this year! What better place for us to wear brightly colored clothes and large hats?! It was a great time even though I’ll have another was scratched &  my backup horse came in 2nd (ughhhhhhh) but Jackie’s won! I even bet on a horse named Brian :c) i mean you have to bet on your husband! My horsies didn’t win any races but we did have a lot of fun and this is definitely going to be a yearly MUST. It makes me feel at home with so much southern hospitality (or the idea of it) and i think my grandmother would have loved it. i know NYC is my home now but i still swoon over seersucker suits and boat shoes hah. & we DID have the pleasure, ha, of being next to a bachelor party full of cohiba smoking photobombers who thought they were really the cat’s meow. The fact that they were seated next to our large group of girls i think made them giddy. pretty good place for a bachelor party though, note to self boys out there. all in all it was a great day with great friends. love to everyone i spent the day with, and i’m already getting amped up for next year! what shall I wear?????

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