It’s Official!


Sooooo we’re pregnant. Yes we were seriously about making babies soon after we got pregnant, i mean we get to have a little mini-me who WOULDN’T want that asap? Brian is desperate for a son and I am torn between the two. I will be happy with either, I just pray for a healthy, 10 fingers and 10 toes little bundle of joy. crying screaming pooping joy, i mean we aren’t naive :) but joy all the same. and to answer some universal questions we have been receiving…

1.) yes I (Kelly) will be getting an epidural, as soon as possible

2.) no I haven’t been sick at all yet thankfully!! i kept waiting and waiting and waiting for it. but there are no complaints here so far

3.) I have not had any weird cravings (yet) but fried chicken has been very appealing

4.) i don’t think we’re going to find out the sex, it seems like MUCH more of a surprise. Brian doesn’t think I will be able to make it though lol

5.) we won’t be revealing any names until after the birth although we have found quite a few we actually agree on, who knew?!

To everyone we have blown off in the past few months (especially me) now you know why! It wasn’t that we don’t want to be friends, we do heehee.

& Thank you all for all the love and support so far! The messages were overwhelming and touching and we can’t express how grateful we are to everyone. This baby will be surely very loved. He/She can’t wait to meet you :c)

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