First Sonogram

we saw baby Toes today!! it was in there tossing and turning like a maniac. it was having a total dance party. every time the tech would try to show us something, it would toss and turn in another direction. un-cooperative already 🙂 but after two different attempts we finally got the shots we needed for the tests they were running. we also heard baby Toes’ heartbeat. that was pretty unreal, it was so fast, much faster than i expected. 160 beats per minute (apparently normal) but it’s in there, living, breathing, tossing, turning, dancing, laughing (we saw its mouth open). it’s a crazy feeling seeing that picture and knowing it’s inside of me. i can’t feel any of it, it’s too early but i know it’s in there and it’s amazing. we are 12 weeks and 4 days today and our expected due date is 1/11/13. i couldn’t be more excited. here is a shot of our little guy or girl… singing karaoke apparently (i mean we knew this baby was going to be a party animal)

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