Beth’s Bridal Shower

I am a little behind on this post but a few weeks ago was Beth’s bridal shower, and it was wonderful 🙂 we had it at her aunt’s house and let me tell you, i think we should have some more parties there! the first thing i thought of was “BRIDESMAIDS” at Helen’s house. the long driveway and immaculate house before us. beth’s aunt, mom and sister were gracious hosts & us bridesmaids decided to wear floral attire for the garden party theme. i luckily found a floral maternity maxi dress at ASOS (my expecting mommy’s go check out their stuff, it’s awesome) & i felt a hair bow was appropriate for the hot occasion. and it was definitely hot. i wanted to jump into the pool at one point, but i refrained haha. i wish that i could of had my shower after beth’s because she opened some things & i thought, hmmmm we could really use that! maybe i can throw it on the baby registry haha, i mean the baby needs a vacuum and a steamer right? in any case baby toes enjoyed he/she’s first bridal shower! here are a few photo highlights from the day…

the bride & bridesmaids

fiance stopped by
some of the girls + catherine ha
with her mom & mom-in-law

the beautiful bride
about to start opening her presents
with leslie and mary
dorrie is so crafts
beth with her sister and moh erin

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