Baby Toes Update

SOOOO we are currently 18 weeks preggo (and by WE i mean ME). i haven’t felt the baby yet although they tell me it could be any day. i do sometimes think that it likes to sit on the left side of my body however because my “small” belly is usually lumped to that side and uneven. it looks quite funny. the last sonogram was good though! we got back all of our genetic and anatomy tests, and we saw 10 fingers & 10 toes although we closed our eyes when she was looking “down there.” it was very hard to not find out though, that is for sure!!! but the thought of Brian bringing the baby up to me and introducing us personally just makes me smile, and that’s what i think about when i see pink outfits i want to buy with tutus haha. my current cravings are: chocolate covered pretzels, mac & cheese, fried chicken, chipotle mayo & ice cream – in no particular order. i am however trying to keep up with my workouts also. i have been running, doing prenatal yoga & lifting weights. some days are harder than others ha, but so far i have felt great! i am really ready for this belly to POP though so i can get a seat on the subway at least sheesh 🙂 we also finished the baby registries, let me tell you i had no idea kids need some much CRAP!!! i have no idea where it’s all going to go in this apartment. it should be interesting, but i DO love picking out things to decorate the room. this baby is going to be so spoiled… but that’s what everyone says isn’t it? ha ~ everyone’s baby is the smartest, cutest, best baby in the world. i am sure we will feel no different. Brian finished painting the office (now nursery) into a great yellow and we found a shag carpet. colleen also got us our crib so we put that together so things are coming together!! now all we need is a baby in there ha! other than the normal preggo at 18 week stuff and my emotional breakdowns at random commercials there isn’t much else to tell! below are some photos of the progress!

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