if you really knew me…

inspired by a few bloggers and wonderful ladies that i follow, Katie of Running on Happiness and Sarah of Fairy Tales are True i decided to get a little more personal, and see if you really know me πŸ™‚

SO if you really knew me…

you’d know i have an unhealthy obsession with dragons and anything that can RAWR

you’d know that i have a dog named Gus who is pretty much in ever facet of my life. i am slightly obsessed with him

you’d know that i love ice cream. like really really love ice cream! especially mint chocolate chip

you’d know that nothing grosses me out… not feet, not boogers, not poop not anything EXCEPT the word “moist” ewww i can’t believe i just typed it {dry heave}

you’d know that i am lactose intolerant but i LOVE cheese & ice cream (see above) & eat everything creamy in site. i pay the consequences dearly

you’d know i am a total foodie who loves to try new things and restaurants {NYC is my Mecca for this!}

if you really knew me…

you’d know i don’t like to be alone. and that i always try to surround myself with people

you’d know i’d give you the shirt off my back if you needed it & i am a fiercely loyal friend

you’d know i believe in second, third & often times even fourth chances. i believe people are inherently good if you are patient & believe in them

you’d know i am a helpless romantic who leaves love notes every morning to my husband

you’d know i am a bit of a control freak who has a very hard time letting other people do things for me

if you really knew me…

you’d know eventually i want to be an event planner / photographer & i am taking photography classes this fall

you’d know my number one goal in life is to make you smile, whoever you may be

you’d know i love to read as often as i possibly can. my goodreads account is out of control

you’d know i am a quote hoarder & would love to have an entire wall of just framed pictures & words some day

you’d know that i am petrified of the ocean & water animals… it is too big & we just do NOT know what is out there

if you really knew me…

you’d know i am deathly afraid that i am unprepared for the child growing in my belly, yet equally excited to let the mess unfold

you’d know i want to travel & see the world.. i’d love to see a different country every year if i can make it work

you’d know that i love to bowl, and i’m actually pretty good at it {i was even on a league with my mom, lol}

you’d know that i am a total sports fan, a beer drinker & that i find myself most comfortable sitting around drinking beers w/ the boys (& i know my beers… just ask me)

you’d know i am perpetually punctual, that my biggest pet peeve is people who are late & that 99% of my best friends are perpetually late πŸ™‚

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie says:

    Loved reading these and learning more about you!!! I’m totally with you one the “M” word! Ew! It’s so gross!!! You sound like an awesome person, who I’d love to really know as well! XO


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