20 weeks, the halfway point

SO at this part of the story, we are halfway through the pregnancy. the room is slowly coming together. we are coming to terms with our new impending lives ahead. and my belly looks like i have a beer gut!! i am in that in between stage where people eye ball me on the subway like “should i give that lady a seat b/c she’s pregnant or will she slap me if i get up to insinuate she MIGHT be pregnant?” i have started to learn the universal sign for pregnancy by resting your hand right on top of your little bump which seems to be a signal to the greater population that yes in deed there is a child in there, but i have used it sparingly. so far i like to think i don’t really look that pregnant yet so if someone did jump up as soon as i got on the train, i might be slightly offended even if my poor feet and back are killing me ha! i have begun to ask brian “do i look fat” and he knows that his proper response is now YES b/c it makes me excited although he hesitates often as if this is a trick question. he has been trained to never ever say that i look fat so this is hard for him to get out of his mouth. he will look at me slightly sideways and say YES? with that hint of a question at the end of it as if to say “is that the correct answer babe?” and i smile to reassure him that it is. although when i am laying on the couch, in my pajamas with my feet up eating ice cream at midnight and he walks in and says “hey fatty” that is a totally different story and does not get the same girlishly giddy response 🙂 another new body change = these BOOBS! are you kidding me? they are fantastic {brian agrees} and i have never had the pleasure of having such wonderful toys on my body. another “if you really knew me” is that i am obsessed with boobs i’ve always wanted them, and so here i go! POOF wish granted. now, other than the fact that i think they just make women look better and i love the term to ‘motor boat’ there are downsides to these puppies as well. for one thing they really impede your workouts. i’ve had to get numerous new sports bras to even think about running. and even then, i find it dangerous sometimes. the doctor said they will continue to grow and i worry they may jump up & slap me in the face at some point if i run many more months. and number two any shirts with buttons… haha just get rid of them, they bust open at all sorts of awkward times or do that peek a boo from the side where you can see all angles of side boob. i have never had to worry about wearing a tank top under anything & now i know why people do. my butt is also gradually increasing in size as well. this one i hope i can keep under wraps b/c it was already sizable to begin with. just pray with me, that the exercise will help to decompress the junk in my trunk. but overall pregnancy is pretty fun. of course there are a plethora of weird things happening, some gross some just plain out right WEIRD, but it is also completely astonishing that there is a little person inside of me that will one day be a walking / talking human being. i can’t quite come to terms with that. i only wish now that the baby would cooperate and punch me or move around when brian is home so he can feel it. we lay there with his hand on my belly hoping but so far nothing. stubborn baby {wonder where he gets it from…} but i know before long that thing will be doing gymnastics in there, doing kart wheels on my bladder and trying to escape. he will get to feel & see all of that. i feel lucky & privileged to be a woman at times like this. to experience things that men can’t (even though i wish they had to do the labor part.) the whole carrying is quite interesting and wonderful. so happy 5 month birthday baby, keep growing strong and keep giving me little jabs so i know you’re okay in there. love you to the moon.

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  1. Beth says:

    If you think they’re big now, wait for the milk to come in!

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