brian felt the baby 🙂 we have been trying & trying and baby toes is apparently stubborn when it comes to his/her father. my parents got us our nursery chair and it fit perfectly into the room. i love it. i was sitting in the chair just rocking and talking to myself and the baby… probably saying something like “i hope you like your room. it took us forever to clear out this crap” and then i felt the boom boom boom very strong and i waited for a few minutes b/c i think brian is getting annoyed when i yell come here every 5 seconds, only to be disappointed by nothingness but this was stronger than it has been in the past & there were several of them in a row so he came in and laid his hand on my belly and finally finally, felt two little jabs in a row. he smiled. and so i smiled. and we sat there and rocked and talked to you baby. i am taking this to mean you like your room, and that you are getting used to your father now too 🙂 maybe you are a girl, and you’re just not sure about “that boy” yet who lurks around the house  lol. no matter what you are, we love you already.

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