the incredible hulk turns 28

on wed bri & i headed down to philthadelphia to celebrate with delia & jackie for his 28th birthday. {28 ugh…. he’s the youngest} brian thoroughly enjoys driving in traffic to another city hours away, to watch a team he does not like. especially when the bqe has construction on it, it was one of his happiest moments!! ha, but seriously, it was a great time. we drove down a little early so that we could get cheesesteaks for lunch OF COURSE. we went to a place we’ve never been to this time called tony lukes. brian even ordered a cheesesteak and liked it = progress! and who doesn’t like cheese fries w/ whiz? if you don’t then you are a weirdo and not my friend. delia had recommended the place and when we drove up there weren’t any signs on the blue building to our left but my gps blue dot said we had arrived. so we got out and poked around and saw tony lukes on a beer special sign so we figured this must be the place. it was nothing but a crappy sports bar on the inside but the cheesesteaks didn’t disappoint. the funny thing is… we were at the wrong place! as we left across the street in clearly written, large lit up lights was TONY LUKES. the two of us laughed as we saw this b/c of COURSE we’d drive all this way and end up at the wrong place. but turns out it was an extension so we still go tony lukes cheesesteaks even if we missed out on the experience of the correct place ha! we can be serious dummies sometimes. but after that we checked into our hotel, picked up the hulk cake and headed to the phillies tailgate. {btw the philly subway takes tokens.. like real coins. so weird} we met up with delia’s brother john and his g/f jenna. they had tailgate games, beers & diet cokes for me, a tent and everything. we were going to have our second round of cheesesteaks when john realized he forgot the cheese… and the bread. haha, so in fact we had hulk cake and cheetos. the phillies didn’t win {aww shucks lol} but we had a great time. below is the embarrassing birthday video from the stadium and some of the best pics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HULK!

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