pre-pregnancy vs. pregnancy

so quite  a few things have changed for me over the past few months. i’m not necessarily saying that i am pleased about these things, but they are what they are and so i am dealing with them {mostly through humor}

what i love about weddings {besides of course the love & nuptials}

PRE-PREGNANCY: the open bar

PREGNANCY: shirley temples and wedding cake… i’m pretty sure i didn’t even try anyone’s wedding cake until this year

what i love about yankees games

PRE-PREGNANCY: sitting outside in the sun drinking cold beers with my hubs

PREGNANCY: finding whatever shaded seat i can locate & eating garlic fries & ice cream out of a helmet

how i feel about shopping

PRE-PREGNANCY:  i want everything. that is cute. it can go with this, and oooh i have that shirt too, + this necklace. perfection.

PREGNANCY: i want something that will fit me please please please, and be remotely cute. lord do not let me wear a mumu

how i feel about shoes

PRE-PREGNANCY: how can you live the high life if you do not wear high heels?

PREGNANCY: where are my flip flops?

how i feel about screaming babies in restaurants, subways, airplanes. etc.

PRE-PREGNANCY: shoot me in my face and get that baby out of here

PREGNANCY: oh shit, that is me in 4 months. it’s kind of cute? isn’t it? wait.. is it?

how i feel about public toilets & port a pottys

PRE-PREGNANCY: an extreme last resort. standing squat from as far away as possible. rubber gloves sometimes necessary

PREGNANCY: any time, any place, any where

how i feel about my couch

PRE-PREGNANCY: a place i visited occasionally

PREGNANCY: it is an oasis, a perfect paradise for my body to reside 24 hours a day

how i feel about cheese

PRE-PREGNANCY: i know i shouldn’t eat this but i love it, and i am going to anyways!

PREGNANCY: it has cured my lactose intolerance. the more cheese the better!

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  1. ashley says:

    this might top my favorite post of all time…the subway ride!

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