dry cleaners

first of all. why is it that dry cleaners in nyc seem to always take an entire month of vacation in the summer?! clearly that is when people sweat the most, are the most stinky, need to do the most laundry/dry cleaning, and hello it’s wedding season! it seems bad for business. after lugging my bridesmaid dress over to our usual cleaners this morning {after getting up a half hour early to do so mind you} i noticed the gate was down and sign saying “VACATION August 15th-September 15th” – you are already closed on Sundays, the universal run errands and get stuff done day & you don’t even stay open that late to make it convenient for me to drop by in the evenings, now you close for an entire month?!

so i walked myself around astoria this morning, towing a long gown, my breakfast half/cafe latte and my over sized handbag in search of a CLEANERS sign. finally on ditmars i found one, actually not too far from my apartment, but in the opposite direction. and they were not closed for the month. the tailor however was not there. so i told the guy look, no it’s thursday i can’t come back in the afternoon i have this little thing people call a job so i have a small windows of time to get this looked at. he said he would help me, oh joy! now here’s the next part about tailors that piss me off. who designed these places? why is it that they have you try on your stuff in a closet? can we even really call it a closet? it is a 3×3 box that i can barely fit in normally and even less so now with this belly poking around. it was a feat enough to get undressed but in order to get IN my dress to try it on w/ the slight bend of my hips, my butt was touching the wall. what a skeevy feeling, my bare ass on the wall of some 22 year old tailors dressing closet but there was no way around it. i also then proceeded to trip on my own jeans on the way out because i could not step out of them entirely in this small room. so out i fall, pregnant, peony dressed sweaty blonde girl with jeans wrapped around my ankles & my boobs half hanging out {that was the part that needed tailoring} – and to make matters worse he jabs me with a pin in my armpit.           #bridesmaidsproblems

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