‘i can’t find my mouth’

…said an unnamed source on the plane yesterday coming back from new orleans. & said in fact because she spilled half a drink down her shirt from drinking & laughing her way home. an appropriate way to finish out the weekend. 14 of us girls traveled to the big easy for beth’s bachelorette party this past weekend. it was an amazing time. even though i was the sober chaperone i have never had more fun with a group of girls. i tried my best to keep up with them & i can say that a lot of memories were made that will not be soon forgotten.

some of my favorite weekend moments… {and send me some more to compile if i left some off, which i’m sure i did}

– baby that i made rap

– “i never understood the concept of inside voices”

– the stage at the swamp, enough said

– “you have to leave new orleans to go to new york? did you lose a bet with god?”

– “i can’t find my mouth”

– “pretty sure i have alcohol poisoning, i’m heading to the hotel”

– “i’m never drinking again” {said by many, will be followed through by none}

– the airplane ride home, breaking light fixtures, side show bob & buzz balls

– the bourbon cowboy & bull riding

– “i hate homeless people… and i’m a liberal!”

– the blow up penis, Mr. Man ~ and finding random old dudes to dance with it

– buffas

– the balcony & throwing beads at people on bourbon street as hard as we could {one person was so excited she threw her own j crew necklace by accident}

– “my lips look like a mr. potato head”

– the buddy system

– traveling in beyonce’s tour bus…

– “you fart smells like pineapple”

– “it looks like motley crew stayed here”

– “did you just use the toilet? there was a stain on it”

– “why are you drying your hair {at 4.15am}”  ~ “because it’s sweaty and curly”

– the mouse in the arbys

– “NO GOOD!”

– “a hickey from Kenickie’s like a Hallmark card”

– “Well you won the push up contest, you beast.” – Beth

in our hotel before going out
outside port of call waiting for tables {and drinking drinks}
port of call
after dinner, ready to hit bourbon street
the court of two sisters
pat o’briens
our own mardi gras at 10am
bourbon street
voodoo lounge with “mr. man”
the swamp
NOLA PD with the real housewives of the NYPD

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