birthday wish {before my life becomes all poopy diapers & sippy cups}

so i have been wanting this rebecca minkoff bag for awhile now. most of you that know me { i assume you know me if you’re reading my blog } know that i am way into fashion. i stare and drool all day at louboutins & balenciaga bags. net-a-porter is my crack. shopbop gives me the kinds of butterflies in my stomach that you might also get walking down the aisle towards you future husband. i have to physically detour my daily walks 3-4 blocks out of the way to avoid the saks windows. burberry leather jackets & proenza schouler call out my name & beg me to enter the beautiful doors. blair eadie from atlantic pacific’s blog is my idol. if i could knock her over & steal her clothes & then live inside of her closet i would {just kidding blair.. kind of} —- this is my life. and it is all about to come crashing down when my labels are going to start changing to pampers and maclaren. SO i decided i need one final goodbye for now fashion, until i can afford you again, moment. i would like to purchase a rebecca minkoff iconic bag, the Cupid. it is love at first sight. if i can get everyone i know to contribute just $5 i think that it can be mine for my birthday 🙂 is this crazy? quite possibly it is, but like my dad always says “the worst they can say is no”
if you’d like to contribute to my birthday fund, you can do so here {and let’s be honest… i’d do it for you lol}

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