that crisp breeze in the air

just makes me giddy! i love when i can walk outside in leggings & a sweater but still have on my flip flops. a {very small} latte in my hand. maybe even a light scarf, but no coat. those are the days when i am happiest. & fall fashion is one of my favorites also, especially now that i am getting bigger…the  more coverage the better. it’s time to take the neon polish off of my nails and the brightly colored denim can be placed back in the closet. i un-boxed boots last night. heaven. and so i figured this morning when i woke up all happy with the new fall weather, that i would share some of my favorite outfits for this year. although my versions will be slightly alerted to fit around this big belly, these combinations make me swoon…

Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific
Jennifer Grace of Native Fox
Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo
the pursuit aesthetic
Pink Wallpaper

Sincerely Jules

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