Beth & Pat tie the knot

the wedding weekend {sigh} it’s always such a beautiful thing. and looking back it’s really funny how everything started. even though brian has known beth for a long duration of her life, her friendship with me was really what brought her to meet pat. brian and pat worked together in a brooklyn impact zone when they got out of the academy. they were partners. i learned about pat through random IRT stories and company parties. and beth and i met at mullaney’s one night, along with mary and leslie. we found out we both lived in astoria, and i didn’t know anyone out there by us so we agreed we’d have a “date night.” we met up, and ended up drinking way too much wine, staying out all night, and beth spent the night with us, sleeping on our couch. the next morning we both called in sick and watched talk shows all day. it was love at first sight. now pat {if you knew pre-beth pat} was more of your drinker than he is now. he used to want brian to meet every night after work at the infamous McCanns, an irish pub not too far from our apt. this resulted in brian not getting home until 5 or 6, or sometimes 7 in the morning out playing with his friend patrick. i thought in my head pat really needs a girlfriend! and we could really use a good couple here in astoria to hang out with! so one night, brian & i were meeting up with beth at a bar called blackbirds, and i told him to invite pat. we figured maybe they’d at least like each other enough to be friends & that we could all 4 hang out together. little did we know that after pat saw her eating a cheeseburger sitting at the bar, he’d fall head over heels in love with her. i really thought there was no chance of her liking him. she had always been adamant that she would NEVER date a cop, and after she found out his age, she almost fell of her chair. “he is way to young for me” – NEVER, NO WAY, NOPE. those were the first few words she associated with pat… but as the night progressed, and the beers flowed, we found our way at the Quays playing darts. pat sealed the deal here hitting 3 bullseyes in a row and making beth realize that he was wise beyond his years. there are so more details thrown in there and more weeks of courting etc, but basically that night at blackbirds, they both kinda knew it. some people believe in love at first sight, and some do not. and some people say you find love where you least expect it. i believe that all of this comes into play. a little bit of fate struck. because let’s face it if you know the whole background you know how unlikely all these friendships were to begin with. but i feel very close to the both of them, and we have watched them grow in their relationship from the very beginning, just how they have watched us.  we were there for each other in good times & in bad, and we know some of each other’s darkest moments. so this past weekend when we got to witness them say their vows and stand up there along side them, it was a very good day for us. we knew that they were great together {ARE great together}, and we knew that pat was forever changed when he saw beth. so beth & pat thank you for having us be a part of your big day! we could not be happier for you, and we can not wait to spend the rest of our lives together {in floral park} 🙂 i believe lifelong friendships are rare, and wonderful & we hope that we can raise our kids together. we love you guys. so here’s to love, laughter & happily every after {and never say never…}

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  1. ashley says:

    They look so happy! Of course i love her choice in color…pink! and kel, you are glowing! you look so beautiful pregnant! Love you and brian both and tell beth Congratulations from us! she looked so wonderful in that dress!

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