sugar test

i want to write about this right now, while these hyper liquids are still running through my veins. my eyes are pried open right now and i am moving at the speed of light. i feel like my senses are vastly heightened. i am noticing the fly on the wall at the same time as i’m typing, at the same time as i am answering the phone, and making a list for the future, and planning what to cook for dinner tonight, and what time i need to get up tomorrow, and what book i want to start reading… i feel like i just took some ritalin. this orange delicious drink they gave me, i drank in about 1 minute flat. for all those people who say it is gross you are extremely mistaken. it was basically an orange soda without the carbonation. who doesn’t like orange soda?!? i mean i know this is coming from the girl who used to pretend to be sick when i was little so i could drink the grape dimetapp & eat the ludens cough drops but still… this baby is going to come out wanting a candy bar. screw milk. we’ll be onto the good stuff in no time. maybe instead of producing breast milk i can produce cotton candy. that would be a lot more awesome of me. brian always said i could only be cooler if beer came out of my nipples, well… beer might not be good for the baby but maybe some other incredible awesomeness that would be sweet & yummy {and nourishing…} this is where my head is right now. i am on a sugar high like no other. and when they listened to the baby’s heart beat it was going a mile a minute. the doctor said ‘i guess the baby is just like it’s mom, it really likes the sugar’ so here we are me & baby just eyes darting around the room, fingers moving, brain thinking, heart beating {fast} — i wonder how this sugar crash is going to be though. it’s going to be a serious one. i am worried i’ll be drooling on my keyboard by lunchtime. hopefully not, we’ve got plans tonight! the doctor also stuck me with TWO freaking needles today, one for a flu shot {ughhhh} and the other to draw the sugar blood out of my veins to test. if it wasn’t for the hilarious asian tech who took my blood id say i was unhappy about the double pricking but she was quite entertaining. okay if you need me this afternoon & i do not answer… you will now know why.

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