Reilly’s 1st birthday

we spent saturday up in mahopac at brian’s cousin meghan’s house. it was her little princess reilly’s first birthday party. let me tell you that times have already begun to change, i was excited to be heading to a place where i wouldn’t be the only sober sally of the bunch. & between meghan and colleen little baby toes already has 3 cousins to play with, and grow up with. taking pictures of the kids together was hilarious because everyone had their own agenda in each photo. caitlyn’s face said “really i have to sit on the couch with these two degenerates?” while reilly and matty were intrigued by any hand waving, or goofy smiles going on behind my flashing camera. they are already so hilarious developing their personalities and i can’t wait to add our little one to the group.

& the best part of any first birthday {in my opinion} is the cake! i love to watch them go to town, and get messy and reilly did not want to give up her cupcake that is for sure! between getting to open all her presents, making an ‘ohhhhh what is this face’, then having the gifts whisked away as she grabbed for JUST ONE to come back so she could play with it {it must be such a tease for them!} and then her cupcake… i think she had a great day. and so did we.

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