wtf is a platelet?

according to wikipedia platelets are small, irregularly shaped clear cell fragments (i.e. cells that do not have a nucleus containing DNA), 2–3 µm in diameter,which are derived from fragmentation of precursor megakaryocytes.  they circulate in the blood of mammals and are involved in hemostasis, leading to the formation of blood clots. hmmm, okay, so i still don’t really know what a platelet is but the fact of the matter is i am apparently lacking them. how does one lose their platelets? it sounds like dinnerware. & i mean i lose tupperware like it’s my job {it seriously just disappears…} so maybe it’s like that. because there is no explaining to either one, they are mysteries in this crazy game of life. but mine are missing. i am going to create a WANTED sign for my platelets, there will even be a cash reward. and at this point you might be asking yourself, why does she care so much about those silly things, people donate them all the time so we must have plenty in our bodies right? well, the fact of the matter is, i am willing to pay someone for finding my missing platelets because i was informed if they remain low or drop lower I CAN’T HAVE AN EPIDURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you friggin kidding me?! if i can’t have an epidural, then i can’t have a baby {sorry little guy or girl} but this vagina is just not ready for that. so this is the start of the missing platelets search. look high and look low & dear platelets if you are out there and can hear me, please come home {sniff.. sniff..}

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  1. Beth says:

    C’mon, Kelly!

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