will gus eat the baby?

this is the question on my mind today. my first response is no probably not, he will love the baby just as much as he loves us… but then i start to really think about how much time that is going to be taken from him & given to the baby and i think OH NO, gus is definitely going to eat the baby! if you know us by now then you know that gus is our current baby. we hold him in our arms on his back like a baby, he follows us everywhere we go {you can’t even get up to pee without gus coming to the bathroom with you} — he has major separation anxiety issues. for example, when either of us takes our clothes off to get in the shower and drops them on the floor or on the bed, when we come out, gus is laying on them. inhaling our scent since he can’t shower with us {but he’s tried that too} — if he isn’t laying on our clothes then his little wet nose is peeking through the shower curtain in the back. he also can not simply lay on the couch next to you, he has to lay ON you. some part of him has to be touching some part of us at all times, be it his back curled up against us, his butt, his paw, his face, he has to be right in the action. and if we are BOTH on the couch, oh he’s very confused then, he usually stretches between us touching both of us or goes back and forth and turns in circles like a crazy person. he wants to be doing what we are doing at all times. another example, when we’re in the car gus is not such a good boy. we usually get him a small french fry so that he will calm down when we are eating in the car. he loves french fries, as long as we are loving french fries. but when we switch to sandwiches, he stops eating fries… he has to have what WEEE are having. it’s absurd, and if we go back to fries, then he will go back to them. all of this is simply background into gus. he is spoiled beyond belief, and basically is king of our castle. so when we bring a baby home… i just can’t picture how he is going to react. he is curious about everything so he’s going to want to be in the baby’s room, which is going to be clearly off limits to him. and since he has to sit on us, is he going to sit on the baby? like “pet me small human in the house, i own this place & you will do as i say” or is he going to just know that this baby is fragile. will he be protective or will he want to knock the baby off the couch like a jealous older brother? i imagine in my head that they are going to be great friends, and let me take lots of posed pictures of the two of them but in reality we have no idea how he will react to baby toes. he is daddy’s little boy right now. so i have been collecting tips to get your dog ready for a baby and here is what i have so far…

1. bring home something from the hospital of the baby’s before bringing the baby home, so gus can smell it & get used to it

2. bring home a toy for gus when we bring the baby home

3. start gus on food puzzles now so he can learn to be more independent

4. revisit crate training

5. implement any new rules now NOT when the baby comes {i.e. no more gus on the couch}

if you have more tips for us, send them our way!!! because well if gus and baby don’t get along that baby has to go! {insert haha here}


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