i fall for fall

every single year, i know most people love summer. they love the sun, the heat, the beach, the clothes, but i am 100% a fall girl. they say you often love the season that you were born in and for me it couldn’t be any more true, october is my month! the temperature is dropping, but it’s not freezing. i can get away with my flip flops & a scarf at the same time. the leaves are changing, and it’s beautiful. winston – salem although there might not have been much to do there, has the most amazing falls. i think of all the leaves changing at the entrance to school when i drove in & it could always brighten my mood. i am inherently more happy in the fall. i have more patience with people, and i just feel all around better. which is GREAT since i am getting bigger & bigger by the day {or so it feels} — so this weekend, brian and i decided to embrace that fall has officially arrived. we went pumpkin picking at soon’s orchard up in new hampton near his parents house. if you are up in the hudson valley area you should go, it’s lovely. they do hay rides also but we weren’t sure if i could do that or not… but we picked out our pumpkins, we had hot apple cider and homemade donuts & then i of course had to browse the country store where i found the most delicious apple butter & cinnamon apple jelly. i LOVE homemade jams & jellys, maybe it’s my southern nature but i can’t get enough of them. and of course brian found the only perfectly round & perfectly clean pumpkin in the patch. i just laughed when he showed me his because i was like ‘this is so YOU my OCD husband’ — & i also seem to like the really tall and skinny pumpkins, which bri pointed out are the ones that usually nobody wants. i think i like to give some love to the ugly pumpkins, i mean they deserve love too. not everybody is perfectly clean & round. i like my pumpkin to have a little character & be a little rowdy. it should have some bruising as evidence of all the fun it’s had it’s in little pumpkin life. so we went with a big tall skinny one, and a little round perfect one. i can’t wait to carve them {which we’re doing on thursday} in which case again brian’s will be nice and neat and perfect and mine will have that “okay im gonna wing it” look about it. he usually has to help salvage mine. we also picked out an itty bitty one for the baby, and then one for gus so he didn’t feel left out. 4 pumpkins all in a row. it was a lovely little sunday morning followed by football, of course. but hello to fall! and hello to happy! rocktober is simply the best month      {{{ oh and PS – 4 days till my birthday!!!}}}

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