some days just feel melancholy. you can’t quite place your finger on why your mood is so displaced but it is. that’s how i am feeling today. but who says you’re only supposed to share the good things. good days are sometimes few & far between “real days” where you feel overwhelmed, under appreciated and just a little bit off. nothing happened, no big event that gave wind to this slipping of my mood. i just woke up with a cloud over my day, even though the sun seems to be shining brightly outside. & it’s such a hard thing to bring yourself out of also. there is no resolution because there is no real reason to this somberness. so i’m writing it out of me. maybe if the words hit the page {or the screen} then it will flow through my body, out through my fingertips and be gone. & sometimes you just want a hug from your mom right? even after 28 {almost 29…} years, sometimes there is nothing better in the world than that. i hope that baby toes will feel that same way, that i will be able to make any bad day better. that makes me a little happier to think about that. or how even the smallest kindest can sometimes make you cry. hearing you’re beautiful from your husband. a friend calling to say they miss you. your dog resting his head on your lap. it’s funny how timing is everything & when those things fall on days like today, it can make you realize you have nothing to be sad about. that you are loved. & that people care. so this is me not trying to be funny, and not trying to be insightful but just writing for me, so i can go out and see the sunshine today.

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  1. I have those days too…they are called “mustdrinkwinenow” days… you are very loved, i am sure of that!

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