hurricane sandy

the devastation after hurricane sandy is really hard to believe actually. i was one of the people saying “it’ll be like irene.. nothing” and totally underestimated mother nature’s power. we have had the news on non-stop & are witnessing the tragedies second hand {fortunately for us} & we are very grateful that there seemed to be a protective bubble over astoria. we had some very high winds, that blew the apartment at times & several trees down outside but that is about the worst of it. our thoughts & prayers go out to everyone less fortunate than us. seeing manhattan in half darkness, transformers exploding, subways flooding, 30 foot storm surge waves, blazing fires taking down houses, people trapped in flooded basements, hospitals being evacuated, and trees falling on homes & people… it was overwhelming. we have friends who have lost everything, along with others like us who experienced the lighter side of sandy. but if anyone reading this needs a place to stay, food to eat, water to drink… etc. please come there to astoria if you can do so safely. our door is open.

& to all the first responders that were out last night, thank you as always. glad that our friends are safe. brian will be working tonight & doing wellness checks throughout brooklyn. keep him in your prayers along with the rest of the nyc’s finest & bravest.

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