1 year ago today

our marriage isn’t perfect & neither are we. we love, we laugh, we fight, we cry, sometimes all in one day. there are times when we think how could the world possibly be any better than at this moment? and we have others when we want to strangle each other. but i could not imagine one day of life without brian in it. that’s how you know it’s right. he is truly my balance, my best friend, and the love of my life. i won’t tell you it’s a fairy tale because it isn’t, but it’s better than a fairy tale… it’s real. and some people search their whole lives to find someone they can just be themselves with. it is all consuming, every day & every night, where would i be without you love. even when we make mistakes, or when we stumble, we always come back to each other, and we always help each other back up. i love you brian. from the tip of your jimmy neutron hair down to your notorious toes. thank you for loving me for exactly who am i, forgiving me at times when i lose myself, and always sticking by my side. i can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.and i can’t wait to see what an amazing father you’re going to be. i love you to the moon and back. xxx


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