fairytales are true

this is one of my most favorite blogs to read. sarah tucker is married to a friend of mine from college, good ole JB tucker & they are also expecting a baby. sarah and i are actually at the same point along & i have enjoyed reading her posts because i have been feeling the same way each day. it’s funny to get another person’s insight, even via blog, who is just where you are each day to verify that you are not insane or crazy with these raging hormones. it is also a blessing to read the words she takes straight from my heart & puts into posts. especially in regards to be an expecting mother.  but today her post seriously hit home i had to share it with you all {and you can read the entire post at her blog fairy tales are true}

But having a baby will change a lot of things.  Nature reorganizes priorities.  And it’s probably very polyanna of me to think it’ll be for the better.  Harder inevitably, but richer in ways I don’t think I’ll grasp until he’s here.  I’ve seen it go both ways.  What I’ve noticed about the people that it seems to go so right for is this:  they consistently choose what matters overall above what matters this second.  they are not caught up in an image.  they date their husband, they slow down with their children, and they don’t forget who they are in the process either.  they know who they are serving, and it’s not things that don’t add up to a hill of beans in the end.

So having it all?  If you’d ask me to look at my life now about years ago and assess whether i have it all, I think I’d be on the side of no.  Because my life doesn’t look perfect, and ten years ago I was after an image in my head of things that didn’t add a whole lot of value to my life.  But this day, if you asked me do I have it all?  …  in all the ways it really matters to me.  #polyannaforlife

i hope that brian and i can get it right. i hope that we can learn to prioritize & love each other just as much in chaos. i hope that we never take each other or our family for granted, and that we are able to love unconditionally. even on the bad days. that is when you need it the most.  it’s holding it together when times get tough that really make or break a marriage, and really define the greatest love stories. i feel completely at peace going into these last 7 weeks, knowing that i have everything i have ever wanted right in front of me {and inside of me}. i couldn’t ask for anything more. i pray for my husband, a healthy babe in my arms in january & a road ahead of happiness. sarah i am right there with you #polyannaforlife

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