60 years is a long time…

and it is a reason to celebrate! my mom recently turned 60 and we were fortunate enough to get to celebrate with her. with baby toes in tow it was questionable whether or not flying would be possible, but thursday morning we got the clear to climb aboard! i had been planning the the surprise party along with my dad & brother for a long long time & i know i would have been so upset to have missed it. we also put together a present for her that i hope she will remember for the rest of her lifetime. i had seen the idea on pinterest awhile back to collaborate 60 years of memories – the idea being that you get 60 people from her life to contribute a memory they had of her, and then you compile them into a bundle of letters for her to open one by one on her birthday. i knew that she would love this! and as i wrote to everyone and the letters started coming in there were a few things that i discovered… i discovered that for the past 60 years of my mother’s life, she has brought smiles to people’s faces. she has comforted those who felt lost. she has been a great friend, daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother. she has cared for people in a way that has touched their lives so deeply they have never forgotten it. and she has never changed. from the earliest friends to the newest in the chain in the letters, the story was the same – sweet, funny, loving, silly Carolyn. today and every day i am proud to call her my mother and i feel so very privileged to have gotten the opportunity to  grow up as her daughter. she has taught me to be a good person. to love and care about people in a selfless way. and to always remember to laugh {especially at myself} — it is undeniable i have a lot of her in me. and it may have taken me a few years to realize it and a few more to appreciate it, but i am forever grateful. i hope that i can be half the mother she has been to me to our own child. so mom… if you’re reading this i want you to feel loved beyond measure, because you are. and anytime you think differently just reach for these letters & see how many people care so greatly for you. love you lots – your baby girl
















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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for the amazing birthday party you threw my me. I loved it. Getting everyone to write letters to me was very special, i still cry when i read them. You are an amazing beautiful daughter and I am so proud of you. You are going to be an amazing mom. Love u forever

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