presents are great but love is better…

this christmas was full of family & friends and love. beyond measure. we were lucky enough to spend it with both of our families {mine a little bit earlier} and have a day all to ourselves as well. we have started a lot of our own traditions and i can’t wait for the arrival of our little one to really see the impact of those traditions on him or her. we always get our tree early {the weekend after thanksgiving} mainly because i make brian go that early haha – i figure if we only have one month to enjoy it we need to get it as soon as possible. we also get each other ornaments every year to build our collection. we open them on the day we get our tree & place them on there as the first ones for the year. opening the boxes & remembering all of our past christmas’s together is one of my favorite things to do. we also make a gingerbread house, and we drink hot cocoa and we watch elf and christmas vacation and a christmas story, our favorites. making santa and christmas come alive next year for our child is going to be amazing. i am already excited… and it’s 365 days away haha. but to be honest, if i had all of those things listed above & no presents i would still have the most wonderful christmas ever. as i always do. i know that christmas has become so very commercial. the gifts, the ‘wanting’ & the shopping… it is so much different than what i have in my head. i hope that we can show baby toes that christmas isn’t about the presents. it is about jesus. it is about love. it is about family. sharing traditions with the ones you love and remembering that god gave his only son for us, the greatest gift of all. christmas is about giving more than receiving and about helping those who can not help themselves. offering our lives and our charity to others. and it shouldn’t stop at christmas time. it is a reminder of the way we should live our lives year round. & i pray that our child will understand this. that the nativity, the tree, our ornaments, the christmas cards, the gingerbread house, and having each other and being a family — that those are the most important things. i hope this baby feels so loved and i am grateful that we have opportunity to teach a new life these wonderful things. merry christmas baby. merry christmas brian.







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