what is castor oil?

this was my question for today… we got back from the doctor and there is still no baby descending it’s way towards my… well… you know… i must make a very comfy home because this baby is still playing, and flopping and kicking me in the rib cage 75% of the day. occasionally it stretches out & thinks it’s funny to punch me in the bladder or does some sort of a downward dog and sticks it’s butt out to the right side. i know these things are great & wonderful and proof that the baby is active & happy & developing nicely however, i am ready for you, sweet baby, to be on the outside. SO that is how i came to today’s question: what the heck is castor oil? because when i researched how to naturally induce labor that comes up time and time again. so i googled it… and ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? castor oil is a vegetable oil from a castor bean that originates from the perennial glands of a beaver…. perennial generally including the genitals and anus. it is also a lubricating laxative. excuse me? no thank you. i will not be having any of that with a  spoonful of sugar or not mary poppins!

so onto the rest of the list since we have swiftly crossed that off!

walking – excellent!! i enjoy walking and gus enjoys when i take him walking so this one we can do – tonight since brian is off we will have a family walk around astoria and see if we can’t encourage baby toes that the world is wonderful and he/she should make an appearance sooner than than later!

sex – i think this is off the table in brian’s book at this point {considering he is petrified of me}, but i’m going to talk it over with him 🙂

primrose oil – after castor oil i am afraid to google primrose oil but i’m going to anyway for the sake of this blog post… okay phew this one at least comes from flowers. and it says will help thin my cervix {since every part of me is now fat i suppose} but it says that it is found in capsules and should be inserted into my vagina?! i’m not so sure about that one. this sounds a little like witchdoctor hippie medicine to me. i think we will skip the primrose capsules in my hooha

spicy food – HOLLA! this one i can do, i just had jalapenos in my mac & cheese at lunch time and maybe tonight i’ll have some indian food. or at least pour a bottle of texas pete on my dinner. i love spicy food, bring it on!

acupuncture – interesting. i guess if someone started poking me with sticks and needles i’d want out of whatever situation i was in also. maybe that’s how that works. if i was the baby i’d be pissed also, and i’d probably claw at my mother’s uterus on the way out as well after that. so no thanks, no needles for us {until the epi}

nipple stimulation – oh now we’re getting good ha – the exact quote i read in response to this “are you sitting around twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the baby to arrive? How about twiddling your nipples instead?” – enough said

massage – yes please! this one i can work with for sure. brian, i know you’re reading this, so tonight… this is our plan {followed by #1 & #2}


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